3(j) of the Galleries Lafayette embulles by JC Keller

    Giant BD bubbles for the Galleries Lafayette 3J

    The Galleries Lafayette organizes every year the 3J, a session balance spread over 10 days starting with the spring.

    Fashion, beauty, home and even gourmet, all rays spend there.

    For this occasion JC Keller made bubbles of giant comics, in connection with the new communication from the Galleries Lafayette launched last September.

    JC Keller made bubbles of red giant BD installed throughout the store in Paris on which is printed the famous 3(j) of the event.

    Little useful info: Galeries Lafayette by March 2016 3J dates give rise to late openings (nocturnes) including the weekend so that everyone can enjoy giant BD JC Keller bubbles. Note the 3J happens also on internet www.galerieslafayette.com.

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