Inflatable bubble made in Paris

A long-established product of JC Keller, the inflatable bubble is available in thousands of possible combinations to perfectly adapt to your environment. It can be luminous, printed, and any size. The bubble can be made with an insertion or with the ability to walk inside it. Our bubble can be used inside or outside, and can also be used to light a venue to animate a show.

Bubble size is from 0,5 to 10 meters

For more than 50 years, the bubble has been a leading product for the artistic world, events, or marketing.


Light bubble is made with led from 500 to 10 000 lumens according to your need

bulle gonflable lumineuse


Wa have a multitude of colors, cristal, pearly or mat. Take a look at our realisation for your inspiration 

Bulles laques JC Keller


Bubble can be transparent, cristal or colored.Take a look at our realisation for your inspiration 

Bulle enfant


Inflatable mapping bubble is made with screen movie material that allow a perfect reflection on the bubble. You can project logo, texture or video on all the surface of the bubble

Hemisphère gonflable - JC Keller-4

Vitrine Bubble

With insertion

Our vitrine bubble is perfect to show a product. We insert your product inside the bubble for a smart presentation. We can insert cloth, furniture or personal creation

Bulle gonflable transparente

Stage Bubble

Stage bubble is a bubble where a performer is inside. This is entertainment you need is or a conference, an evening reception, or a special celebration We work for a music video fo Marc Lavoine, An Orangina Ad, Cirque Buffon and much more.

Bulle déambulatoire

Leader in top of the range french bubble fabrication

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