Innovative solution for your event

Event dome

From 5 to 8 meters wide, event half bubble give a huge free standing and a unique experience for customer. All the composent are made by artisans to offer a top of the range product. Bubble can be customize with colors and logo of your choice

Immersive dome

Immersive half bubble is fully immersive viewing environment. Our patented negative air pressure projection lining system is the perfect platform for state of the art 360° surround projection. Our partner DV is expert in creating multimedia surround projection technology. Together, we create multi-sensory, interactive learning and entertainment experiences for large scale group immersive environments.

Vitrine dome

Vitrine half bubble give an original space and and a visibility to your products. Structure is light and surprising, and protect your products from people and bad weather

Leader in top of the range half bubble handmade

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