Atelier JC Keller

Our Workshop

Since its creation in 1958, the JC Keller workshop has remained in the Buttes Chaumont area in Paris. All products fabricated by JC Keller, from the bubble to projection screens, are designed entirely by hand in our workshop at rue Botzaris, a location of tradition, creation, and know-how: the design, material choice, cutting, welding and test phase are carried out here, at the workshop.

With the same passion, we have worked with plastic for more than 50 years and we endeavor to choose our material with attention and rigor, considering that the quality and source are essential to the creation of an excellent product.

JC Keller, defender of products made in France, strives for perfection and has designed 100% Parisian custom made inflatable objects since 1958.

The material

We work only with European materials, treated and category M1, M2, M3, according to the client’s choice and the security standards enforced by the service location. The material is chosen rigorously, consistent with our values, in order to propose impeccable products to our clients.

Matière utilisé par JC Keller

Our products

All of the creation process steps are carried out entirely by hand at rue Botzaris, at the JC Keller workshop: from the sketch to the last test phase. Every product designed at the workshop is a unique piece, respecting the demands of the client. This desire for the handmade is part of the history of the company, which has always followed an artistic or artisanal approach, to offer excellent products. For 50 years, JC Keller has been a leader in the fabrication of custom made inflatable objects.

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