Inflatable Designer based in Paris since 1958

In 1958 JC Keller invented made to measure inflatable. With this big idea the company knew over time develop its skills to deliver the goods to event agencies, advertisers or artists. JC Keller developed a full range  of products for event and artistic decoration.
JC Keller, defender of products made in France, strives for perfection and has designed 100% Parisian custom made inflatable objects since 1958.

coups de coeur fete des lumieres
podium défilé


Soirées, live, festivals


Made to measure for artists


Fashion show,  photo shooting

mur lumineux
Bulle lumineuse
Demi bulle


Stands, Exhibitions, Fairs


Product launch, showroom, street marketing


Bubble Bar

Custom fabrication

Every product designed at the workshop is a unique piece, respecting the demands of the client. This desire for the handmade is part of the history of the company, which has always followed an artistic or artisanal approach, to offer excellent products

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