Rental of a high-end reception area

The inflatable event dome offers a large space and visibility with a light structure.


  • Gives you a large self-supporting reception area
  • A unique & original experience for your customers
  • Easy to heat, the bubble favors the distribution of heat

The inflatable dome is available for rent, for an evening or a season. The envelope is manufactured in our workshop to guarantee an irreproachable quality and a glass bubble effect. French manufacturing : All the elements of the inflatable dome are manufactured in France by craftsmen.

Operation of the event dome

High quality PVC

The inflatable dome for events is made of a high quality PVC envelope, designed in our workshop. It is permanently ventilated to bring the forces and tensions on the whole structure in a uniform way, and to give it the necessary pressure to be self-supporting and to make the whole ground surface available.
The high quality PVC envelope, manufactured in our workshop, guarantees the ‘glass bubble’ effect and gives the ‘wow’ effect!

Customizable reception area

The inflatable dome is the ideal reception space for your events. Resistant, easy to assemble and customizable, you can use it for your marketing events, product launches, sporting events, stands, and high-end reception areas.


The dome is customizable: The bubble and the entrance locks can be painted and branded.

French manufacturing

Defender of the Made In France, we offer an entirely French product made by passionate craftsmen.

JC Keller leader in high-end inflatable domes

JC Keller is the reference in ephemeral inflatable structures and nomadic architecture, the only manufacturer of high-end half-bubbles in France.

Technical properties

Our clients

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