A high-end exhibition space

The JC Keller display case offers an original space and a beautiful visibility – A light structure all in transparency to expose your products. An original product light and voluminous – Gives a beautiful visibility for your products

. Gives you a self-supporting exhibition space

. Can be installed and dismantled quickly 

. Allows you to protect your products from passers-by and the elements.

How the vitribulle works

The vitribulle is made of a high quality PVC envelope, designed in our workshop. It is permanently ventilated to bring the forces and tensions on the whole structure in a uniform way, and to give it the necessary pressure to be self-supporting and to make the whole ground surface available.


The high quality PVC envelope is manufactured in our workshop to guarantee its ‘glass bubble’ effect.

The vitribulle is ideal for your products. Resistant, easy to assemble and customizable, you can use it to display your products both indoors and outdoors, for your product launches, ephemeral stores,…


JC Keller is the reference in inflatable ephemeral structures and nomadic architecture, the only manufacturer of high-end half-bubbles in France.

Composition of the vitribulle

The JC Keller window is composed of :

  • An envelope in crystal PVC classified to fire M2 – Manufactured in our workshop
  • A low consumption centrifugal fan with variable speed control
  • A CP18 wood base, ultra resistant and customizable

Leader in the manufacture of high-end half-bubbles in France

Propriétés techniques

Nos clients

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